“Interdiciplanary Approaches for Information”

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. is a company which aims for understanding information (data) generated by anything in the world. Equipped with wide range of experiences including developing complex systems for biological information, bioinformatics, IoT sensor networks, big data analyses, and etc, we can provide customized solutions for what you want to analyze and/or to understand.



Genome & Bioinformatic Analyses

Here are services which InfoBoss has been conducted or in progress:

Biodiversity Researches & Systems

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. has maintained several systems related to Biodiversity researches.

BigData Analyses Platforms

BigData is one of major motivations in recent industry, so called as fourth industry. InfoBoss Co. Ltd., is developing completely new analysis platform for dealing with relationship between environment factors and our emotion. We already apply several patients for describing new concepts for dealing with these special data.

  • Analaysis Platform for Emotion and Weather (APEW) system
    • Newly defined emotional status based on newly trained classifiers
    • Integration of environmental factors from public repositories and InfoNode sensor network.
    • Web-crawler for collecting text data from internet to extracting meaningful emotional status with specialized corpus and our own algorithms
    • Platform for establishing classifiers from various input data above.
  • Baby-APEW system
    • Providing the best suggesting for predicting disease occurrence for baby or kids.
    • Customized thermometers for collecting body temperature as well as environment factors inside home.
    • Cell phone app and web pages will provide useful information for common diseases of baby or kids.
  • Network analysis platform
    • Insect Interaction Database (INID): database for interactions between insects or between insect and plant species.

IT System Development

InfoBoss Co., Ltd can provide customized IT solutions.

Current projects we are doing are listed below:

IoT Sensor Solutions

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. has developed IoT sensor network to collect fourteen environmental measurements including temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil humidity, electricity conductivity, wind speed, wind direction, fine dust, and etc. These sensros are connected to sensor network for sending to server immediately. In server side, collected data were stored and analyzed with various pipelines including BigData processing part and machine learning modules.

  • IoT-based Weather Sensor Network
    • InfoNode and InfoStation
    • Small sensors and large sensors like Automated Weather Station
    • Weather Information System (http://www.widb.info/): Web-based platform to analyze micro-weather data from sensor network as well as public repositories.
  • Remote Camera: automated camera system for monitoring targets such as plants
  • Customized Kiosk System (installed in Music Museum in Kyoungju city in Korea)


Interdiciplinary Consulting

Based on wide-range experiences, InfoBoss Co., Ltd provides consulting especially for considering inter(multi)diciplnary topics. In the 4th industrial revolution, our experiences will be helpful for finding better solutions to achieve your goal efficiently.