“Interdiciplanary Approaches for Information”

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. is a company which aims for understanding information (data) generated by anything in the world. Equipped with wide range of experiences including developing complex systems for biological information, bioinformatics, IoT sensor networks, big data analyses, and etc, we can provide customized solutions for what you want to analyze and/or to understand.



Genome & Bioinformatic Analyses

Here are services which InfoBoss has been conducted or in progress:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing Service
    • de novo assembly Service (Vascular Plants, Moss, Fungi, Insects, and Fishes)
      • Dysphania pumilio [Poster]Salix koryanagi [Poster], Populus alba x Populus tremula var. glandulosa [Poster], Pseudostellaria longipedicellata [Poster], Plantago depressa [Poster], Coffea arabica [Poster]
      • Aphis gossypii [Poster], Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae
    • Re-sequencing Service (Vascular Plant, Moss, Insects, Mammalian, and Human)
      • Hibiscus syriacus genome project and Camellia japonica genome project (AMOREPACIFIC Co., Ltd.)
      • Marchantia polymorpha subsp. ruderalis KDBI00080 [Poster]
      • Arabidopsis thaliana 180404IB4
  • Complete Chloroplast / Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing Services (Vascular Plant, Moss, and Insects)
    • Mitochondrial genomes: (Insects) Reticulitermes kanmonensisReticulitermes speratus kyushuensisDolichoderus sibiricus [under review], Cryptopone sauteri [under review], Chilo suppressalis
      (Moss) Dumortiera hirsuta 
      (Fungi) Aspergillus luchuensis [Accpeted], Aspergillus parasiticus
    • Chloroplast genomes: Pseudostellaria logipedicellata [Poster], Pseudostellaria palinbiniana [under review], Pseudostellaria okamotoi [Accepcted], Pseudostellaria setulosaDumortiera hirsuta [Accepted], Marchantia polymorphaNymphaea lotus [Accepted], Nymphaea capensis [Accepted], Nymphaea albaDysphania pumilio [Poster; Accepted], Salix koriyanagi [Poster; under review], Plantago depressa [under review], Duchesnea indica [under review], Duchesnea chrysantha, Hibiscus syriacus cv. Mamonde [under review], and Magnolia kobus
  • Comparative Genomics Analysis Services
  • Transcriptome Analysis
  • Web-based Genome & Transcriptiome Databases
  • Genome-wide Transcription Factor Analysis
    • GATA Transcription Factors : Fungi and Plant (Populus, Conifer, Arabidopsis)
  • Simple Sequence Repeat analysis
  • Genotyping by Sequencing analysis
  • Sequence resources deposited in NCBI [Link]

Biodiversity Researches & Systems

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. has maintained several systems related to Biodiversity researches.

Customized BigData Analyses

InfoBoss has dealt with various types of data, such as species distribution, weather information, sensor information from machines or sensors, genomes and transcriptomics, as well as customers’ log from kiosk.

Experiences with analyzing heterogeneous data make us to understand any kind of data generated by nature or human (machines) and we will provide the best services for dealing with any types of data to you!

  • Insect Interaction Database (INID)


IT System Development

InfoBoss Co., Ltd can provide customized IT solutions.

Current projects we are doing are listed below:

IoT Solutions

InfoBoss Co., Ltd. has developed Smart IoT Sensors to collect environmental data including temperatures, humidity, and fine dust. It is connected to BigData analysis to infer useful decisions to make environment and our life better.

  • Smart Weather Sensor System
  • Remote Camera: Automated Camera System for monitoring targets such as plants
  • Customized Kiosk System with Centralized Database


Interdiciplinary Consulting

Based on wide-range experiences, InfoBoss Co., Ltd provides consulting especially for considering inter(multi)diciplnary topics. In the 4th industrial revolution, our experiences will be helpful for finding better solutions to achieve your goal efficiently.